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Anaerobic digestion as production process is characterized by a big variety of feedstocks that may be used for the production of energy. Since these feedstocks are products, sub-products or waste material of either primary production or further processing of food raw materials, their availability and properties are related to the local production possibilities and nutrition preferences. Furthermore, anaerobic digestion needs (self) consumption of thermal energy, the amount of which is related to the local climatic conditions. As a result, the successful choice, construction and operation of an anaerobic digestion application for energy production needs a thorough consideration of all these factors.

Sustainable Engineering, having identified this particularity, does not only use practices that prevail in the international market, but also aims at adapting them to the greek actuality: Availability, cost and logistics of feedstocks, energy exploitation, production scale, disposal of solid residues and liquid effluents, availability of technological infrastructure etc.

This process, sometimes, calls for the investigation, application and evaluation of prototypal or diversified process methods, which may be implemented at laboratory, pilot or normal production scale, Such a complete cycle, concerning cheese whey, has already been completed and a similar procedure for pig manure is in evolution.