The Pilot Unit in Thiva

The methods adopted and developed by Sustainable Engineering are currently applied to an integrated full scale pilot unit. This unit, which is installed in a cheese manufacture plant in Thiva area, is used for overcoming the technological obstacles and testing methods for the qualitative and quantitative optimization.

The project, which involves the design, construction and operation of the integrated treatment and energy unit, is co- financed by the General Directorate of Research and Technology and Sustainable Engineering.

The specific aims of this venture are:

  • The improvement of the quality of all effluents, including the biological sludge.
  • Operation of the bioreactor at the mesophilic area, with the minimum possible consumption of thermal energy.
  • The production of energy of high commercial value (electric, derived from RES) with simultaneous exploitation of the cogenerated thermal energy.
  • Post-treatment of the final effluent for the production of relatively clean water and soil conditioner / fertilizer, aiming at the full recycle.

The above targets may be expanded or modified, depending upon the partial results, always with the ultimate objective to contribute towards the environmental and economic sustainability.

Installation of a new Bioreactor

Photos from the construction and installation of a new Bioreactor