Sustainable Engineering Ltd.

Sustainable Engineering Ltd. was established in December 2010 with a vision of developing and applying technologies for the exploitation of the biomass contained in organic wastes.

The target of the company is to transfer the domestically and internationally available research wealth in this field to the actual production needs, in view of the commands of the efficient environmental and energy management.

The two main fields, where the research and construction activities are focused, are the anaerobic digestion of biomass and the cogeneration of electric and thermal energy. By applying the most appropriate case by case combination of these technologies on liquid wastes, it is possible to achieve not only their effective cleaning, but also to produce useful products (electric and heating energy, biomethane, soil improvers etc.). The exploitation of these products, either as self-consumption, or by selling them to third parties offers the possibility of a fast amortization of the relevant investments and the creation of additional income after the amortization period.

The Company covers the whole spectrum of necessary activities for the implementation of innovative applications at any scale. The laboratory research is materialized in cooperation with Greek Universities (Democritus University of Thrace, Agricultural University of Athens), whereas the rest of the activities (detailed engineering, prefabrication, construction-erection on site, support, operation supervision) are being managed and carried out by the Company’s workforce.

The offices and workshop of Sustainable Engineering are situated at the Industrial area of Elefsina Municipality and are properly equipped, organized, staffed in order to ensure the execution of turn-key projects using its own resources to the maximum extent. The critical for the good execution of the works activities (management, electromechanical prefabrication and site erection, automation and remote control) are performed exclusively by the company’s personnel.